I strive for two things in design; simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.

Lindo Leader, graphic designer and creator of the FedEx logo.

I am Leo Danha
I am your Web Designing freelancer

Leo Danha

Web Designing and Coding Freelancer

LeoDee webART is your ultimate destination to your calls concerning web designing and coding producing splendid, easy to navigate and easy to maintain websites. Leo Danha is your freelancer. Our main goal is to build you a website that will suit your needs and boosts your business bringing customers to your doorstep. Our motto is:

   If you can DESCRIBE it, we can DESIGN it!

This means that all you have to do is think of your design, describe it to us and we will design it for you. Need to know what kind of a website your business should have? If you need a website at all? Are you trying to make a decision on whether to use a custom made website or a template website? Yes contact us and we will give you all the answers and advice on your situation.

Why choose LeoDee webART?

LeoDee webART educates you and gives you valuable advice on the purpose and use of a website, the type of website your business needs, the impact a website will have on your business and if your business needs a website at all.

LeoDee webART designs custom websites, meaning that your design is what we will make for you. We use raw coding to design our websites and this makes it easy to make changes or upgrades when necessary


Kentrical Solutions

Kentrical solutions website
Milvolt Electrical Power Systems

Milvolt Electrical Power Systems website
Budget Mobile Auto Electrics

Budget Mobile Auto Electrics website


Our operating hours are from 0700hrs to 2100hrs from Monday to Friday. We are closed on weekends. Feel free to contact LeoDee Webart via our contact form below, our email, whatsapp on both our numbers provided, or you can give us a call.